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Virtualisation – Where does the buck stop?

Virtualisation, the foundation for all things cloud and the core to many medium to large enterprise’s infrastructure. There is no shortfall in getting advice from vendors on how and why you should adopt virtualisation across your enterprise. Over the last decade we’ve seen numerous variants to:

  • Server virtualisation.
  • Storage virtualisation.
  • Desktop virtualisation.
  • Application virtualisation.
  • Network virtualisation.

Coupled with combinations of and evolution to, technology vendors are working on software defined networks and virtualised data centres just to further extol the benefits of a software defined world. What is forgotten in all this technical bliss is that at the end of the day, the buck stops somewhere (technically speaking) and someone has to know how it all works so when things go wrong a saviour will come and rescue the situation. As each layer of abstraction is introduced with virtualisation, understanding what it means to the previous layer is important for performance and supportability. Lets briefly explore how virtualisation affects the relationship between technical layers to demonstrate why more than ever, organisations need technical SME’s who can work across the different layers and understand the glue that holds everything together. Continue reading